Case Study: Blackmores: Well Bot

Introducing the Blackmores Well Bot

AI chatbot kickstarts conversations about health at the Australian Open.

In an effort to activate their brand presence at the Australian Open, we partnered with Blackmores to create the Well Bot, an interactive AI chatbot designed to kick-start conversations about health.

Along with digital engagement with the WellBot, the activation at the Australia Open also included product tasting and roaming brand ambassadors to hand out samples.

Affinity Outdoor - Blackmores Welbot

The experience

10 digital interactive screens were branded to look like a giant version of the Blackmores Well Bots. The activation was set up over a 14-day event.

Our bespoke software solution was fully customizable including multiple choice questions that also collected key points of data from the customers. The data allowed for the AI integrated Well Bot to cleverly dispense the right sample for that customer.

The Well Bot was integrated into across the entire activity and was the central call to action.

A simple data capture mechanic meant every interaction was followed us with an SMS encouraging further interaction with the Well-Bot.

Affinity Outdoor - Blackmores Welbot
Affinity Outdoor - Blackmores Welbot
Affinity Outdoor - Blackmores Welbot

The results

15,079 email addresses collected

3,547,942 impressions

42% of users became members of Blackmores

11,840 new members

Our services

Digital development – game, leaderboard & web apps

Staffing – brand ambassador & technical

QR code creation

Logistics (bump in/out of AV equipment)

Return freight of stock

Our tech

Interactive floor projector

Game development and customisation

Bespoke software development – web base data capture form with admin

Networked digital leaderboard

Hosted database

Secure mobile communications

Case Study: Cadbury; Choc, Paper, Scissors

Cadbury, Share the Taste

Choc, paper, scissors

In collaboration with Cadbury, we created a digital kiosk experience connecting sites around Australia for a game of virtual Choc, Paper and Scissors.

The experience

As part of the Cadbury Share the Taste campaign, digital sampling kiosks featuring 42” interactive screens were deployed at Federation Square, Circular Quay, Murray Street Mall and Cavill Avenue.  Each Kiosk live streamed and linked you to a kiosk located in another Australian city.

Visitors to the activations were encouraged to play a virtual game of Choc, Paper, Scissors with a player located at another state via networked screens. You never knew who you would play!

Cadbury also gave away 50,000 blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate to help create this movement of true connection between Australians.

Affinity Outdoor - Cadbury Choc, Scissors, Paper

Our services

Digital app development

Logistics (bump in / out)


Our tech

Custom game development

Live stream

Motion sensors

Sample automation (vending)

Secure Wi-Fi and networking

Case Study: VMO Network design

Affinity Outdoor - VMO Network Design

VMO: Network design

In partnership with Val Morgan Outdoor we have deployed a network of 50 sampling booths into 50 Fitness First Health clubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This has formed part of the VMO Active network which represents 80% of the active media market in Australia.

This is a highly engaged, high value audience spending on average 70 minutes* at the gym.

The opportunity

Relevant product in the hands of highly sought-after health and wellness

Brand message and product combined at the same moment

Digital sign with the added technologies to capture data, create social engagement or content creation

Drive engagement through interaction

Premium locations – located at the front desk

Case Study: AO Kia Stinger Challenge

Australian Open: Kia Stinger Challenge

Category: Gamification

In partnership with Kia, we created an immersive digital gaming experience using touch screen technology.

The campaign included an activation inviting participants to play a game of ‘catch the serve’ against the Spaniard tennis sensation Rafael Nadal.

Affinity Outdoor: Australian Open: Kia Stinger Challenge

The experience

We built an avatar of Rafael Nadal who challenges the user to catch his serve, in order to collect a prize.  Just touch the screen to catch the ball!

Sounds simple? It’s wasn’t! His serves come fast and increases in speed and frequency throughout the game. To win, the user must not drop more than five balls in 45 seconds. For a layer of added gaming complexity, every time the user drops a ball, the screen cracks, making visibility increasingly difficult

Affinity Outdoor: Australian Open: Kia Stinger Challenge
Affinity Outdoor: Australian Open: Kia Stinger Challenge
Affinity Outdoor: Australian Open: Kia Stinger Challenge
Affinity Outdoor: Australian Open: Kia Stinger Challenge
Affinity Outdoor: Australian Open: Kia Stinger Challenge

Our services

Digital development of the Gaming App (including story boards)

Staffing – brand ambassador & technical & stock runners

Logistics (bump in/out of AV equipment)

Our tech

Digital gamification development

Interactive touch screen

Digital leaderboard

Secure mobile communication

Hosted database (email verification & email automation)