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Experiential with a hint of digital

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

We’ve been in the business of digital experiential for six years.

We are a boutique experiential agency focused on connecting consumer and brand in high-traffic, high dwell environments.

We add an extra layer to Digital Outdoor, because not only are our clients getting a digital campaign on screen, but they are also experiencing the brand via an activation and sample.

Our methodology ensures that each product sample is accounted for with real time reporting via our inventory management tool and the opportunity to capture data for each sample.

We believe that this potent combination delivers greater brand Affinity.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising
Affinity Outdoor - Makers of good vibes

Why we do what we do

Gen Z and Millennials are especially eager for experiences that inspire, educate, and provide opportunities to co-create. Everyone desires extraordinary experiences that are meaningful and stand out.

Putting brands in the hands of the right consumers at the right time in the right context whilst giving them a feel-good experience better positions brands to have their experiences shared and products loved.

That’s why we integrate digital technology into each experience. We want to remain accountable and transparent and report back on all the wonderful things the consumer experienced with your brand.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

Where we fit into the marketing mix

These days more and more brands are considering how they can improve the customer experience and drive loyalty.

Our mission is to support clients in getting brands in hands so that the consumer associates their feel-good experience with that product.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

A report by Econsultancy and IBM showed that 56% of consumers felt most brands’ communication was irrelevant

If you have a little extra budget to add to innovation, then why not add sampling to your existing media plan?

Unlike traditional Out of Home, we aren’t a passive medium. We are a two-way communication channel. Product sampling rewards the consumer for their engagement and trial. With digital you can even capture their details to reach them later.

We customise each campaign to suit your brand, your budget and the specific customers you’re looking to reach.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

Experience-driven advertising

We have a right place, right time, right experience approach.

A potent combination of product sampling and digital signage creates a deeper, more meaningful engagement between high value customers and brands.

We’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right experience.