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We make every engagement with your customers count

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

By combining product sampling and digital we create a depper, more meaningful engagement between customer and brand

We use interactive & fully customisable Smart Vending Machines to distribute free samples.  It’s our signature technology, and it’s different to anything else on the market.

By adding digital to our sampling solutions, we delivery powerful experience driven events & activations. Plus, using digital means we can track your product sampling more accurately and provides the brand with data and insights.

This is our key point of difference and what traditional sampling cannot offer.

Standard kiosks come with 32”, 40” and 50” HD interactive panels.  Have something else in mind?  No problem, we also custom design. 

Think of our interactive sampling kiosk as an oversized iPhone that can dispense free samples. Anything you can do from your smart phone you do via our kiosks! You're limited by your imagination only!


Turn the Kiosk into a chatbot! Integrate AI into the user experience to cleverly dispense the right sample for that customer.


Integrate contactless tech to safely distribute samples. Scan a QR code, strike a pose for the camera, or simply wave at the screen to get your free sample.    

Social Sampling

An experience that rewards a user with a free sample when they engage with you on social media.       

Gamified Sampling

Everyone loves a game! Why not  integrate an interactive game experience with single or multiple users.

Membership and Reward Cards

Reward your customers by offering them a free sample.  Simply scan their card to receive their gift!

Survey & Data Cpture

Get to know your audience more by having them tell you a little bit about themselves! Only once they complete the engagement will they get their sample. 

Innovative technology to drive your brand activation.

Have you got an experience that is a little out of the box? Or a product idea that you just aren’t sure how to deliver? Our product team will design, prototype and manufacture the hardware and software solutions designed specifically to suit your campaign objectives.

We deliver through collaboration, innovative technology and accountable solutions that work!

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

Experience-driven advertising

If you have a little extra budget to add to innovation, then why not add interactive sampling to your existing media plan?

Unlike traditional Out of Home, we aren’t a passive medium. We are a two-way communication channel. Product sampling rewards the consumer for their engagement and trial. With digital you can even capture their details to reach them later.

We customise each campaign to suit your brand, your budget and the specific customers you’re looking to reach.