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We are


Experience-driven advertising

Makers of good vibes.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising
Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

Nothing drives sales and brand affinity like powerful experiences.

We are an experiential agency focused on making your customers feel good.

We create bespoke interactive experiences that work. This unique combination of cutting-edge digital technology and experiential advertising creates meaningful connections between your customer and your brand.

And we deliver results to prove it.

Not only are the campaigns we create exciting, meaningful, relevant and socially-connected, they ensure the best ROI.

We’ve learnt that creating extraordinary experiences can make you stand out in someone’s day.

We grab people’s attention. Make them smile. Make them feel. We create good vibes.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

Experience-driven advertising

We collaborate with brands to help them revitalise and reboot the experience a customer has when sampling a product.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

We know brands are always looking for ways to deliver greater ROI.

By adding automated sampling and interactive experience to traditional sampling and Out of Home advertising means we can measure each interaction, capture valuable data and provide real time reporting on your campaign. Want your Out of Home experience to work harder? This is the way to do it.

We deliver through collaborative customer service, accountability and insights.

Customer Service

We work directly with clients or alongside their chosen agencies. We love putting forward creative ideas that respond to a client’s brief. Together with our partners, we create exciting, meaningful, relevant and socially-connected campaigns that ensure the best ROI.

Our job is to help you nail an ideal campaign that hits your KPIs.

Affinity Outdoor - Collaborative Customer Service
Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising
Affinity Outdoor - Blackmores Welbot
Affinity Outdoor - Blackmores Welbot
Affinity Outdoor - Blackmores Welbot


Using automated sampling technology and customised interactive digital experiences not only creates an immersive brand experience but tracks product sampling more accurately and provides the brand with data and insights.

By using technology, we can gatekeep the sample and only dispense when the consumer offers the information requested. This is our key point of difference and what traditional sampling cannot offer.

The brand always gets something back.

As well as data collected by this interface, we also track the exact number of samples handed out and peak distribution periods. Across our Health Club network, we are now using facial recognition technology to report on age, gender, audience and engagement. This exciting new feature will be coming soon to the remaining network.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising


Accountability means it’s easier than ever to keep your product supplies replenished and make sure samples are going to your target market. We can either give you access to a remote management system or be responsible for replenishing your products ourselves. You will get real-time reporting on the number of samples moving to enable faster, more accurate replenishment.

Think no more diving into sampling bins and less product wastage.

Affinity Outdoor - Full Accountability
Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

Our methodology ensures that clients, agencies and customers feel good about their experience.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

Experience-driven advertising

We provoke curiosity. Child-like behaviour in the consumer – touching, playing, dancing and tasting.

That’s how we get brands in hands. That’s how we make people feel good. And that’s why we are makers of good vibes.