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Cadbury, Share the Taste

Choc, paper, scissors

In collaboration with Cadbury, we created a digital kiosk experience connecting sites around Australia for a game of virtual Choc, Paper and Scissors.

The experience

As part of the Cadbury Share the Taste campaign, digital sampling kiosks featuring 42” interactive screens were deployed at Federation Square, Circular Quay, Murray Street Mall and Cavill Avenue.  Each Kiosk live streamed and linked you to a kiosk located in another Australian city.

Visitors to the activations were encouraged to play a virtual game of Choc, Paper, Scissors with a player located at another state via networked screens. You never knew who you would play!

Cadbury also gave away 50,000 blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate to help create this movement of true connection between Australians.

Affinity Outdoor - Cadbury Choc, Scissors, Paper

Our services

Digital app development

Logistics (bump in / out)


Our tech

Custom game development

Live stream

Motion sensors

Sample automation (vending)

Secure Wi-Fi and networking