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AIA Vitality presents: Super Steps

Make each step count with AIA Vitality’s Super Steps activation

AIA Vitality is a science-backed health and wellbeing program that rewards you for your healthy choices.  Rather than doing ‘all or nothing’, AIA believes in the power of an ‘All or Something’ approach to health.

Supporting this key message, we tasked with creating an interactive brand activation game that would support, celebrate and reward delegates that moved the most!

The experience

Taking inspiration from retro gaming arcades, we created a bespoke 1v1 game whereby delegates must step or jump on as many moving balls as possible in 30 seconds.  Each time they stepped on a ball, it exploded into a burst of colour and a point was scored.   Win or lose, participants scores were added to their daily step count, which in turn increased their chance to take out the top place in the AIA Super Steps challenge and win a grand prize.

In addition to the game, we developed a custom delegate data entry form, a secure admin portal with hosted database and networked the leaderboard for a complete digital solution.

Our services

Digital development – game, leaderboard & web apps

Staffing – brand ambassador & technical

QR code creation

Logistics (bump in/out of AV equipment)

Return freight of stock

Our tech

Interactive floor projector

Game development and customisation

Bespoke software development – web base data capture form with admin

Networked digital leaderboard

Hosted database

Secure mobile communications