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We make every engagement with your customers count

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising

Sampling is the BEST way to put the customer first.

Giving you the best chance at winning them over – FOR LIFE! Plus, providing them with something for free often means they will repay you with loyalty. It’s a simply fulfilling way for humans to reciprocate kindness.

Affinity Outdoor is experience-driven advertising.

We add digital to our sampling solutions, to delivery powerful experience driven events & activations. Plus, using digital means we can track your product sampling more accurately and provides the brand with data and insights.

This is our key point of difference and what traditional sampling cannot offer.

We offer a range of services across experiential events and sampling channels. Services include:

  • Shopping Centre Sampling
  • Health Club Sampling
  • Transit & OOH Sampling
  • Direct to Home Sampling
  • Event Sampling
  • Roadshow Sampling
  • University Sampling

By combining traditional experiential with interactive, customisable digital signage we deliver meaningful, feel good experiences that enhance any event activation or product sampling brief.

Affinity Outdoor - Esperience-driven advertising
Affinity Outdoor - Blackmores Welbot

Sampling booths

This is our signature technology, and it’s different to anything else in the market. 

We use digital sampling booths that are interactive and fully customisable. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to tailor the experience so that each brand can create a unique interaction between them and customer.

The best part? Brands are finally getting accurate reporting from their giveaway as well as valuable data and insights back from their sampling efforts. And because the experience has been customised to suit the brand, the experience becomes a two-way transaction that leaves the consumer feeling good.

Our booths come with 32”, 40” and 50” HD interactive panels.


  • The two-way transaction and measured product trial creates a premium Digital Out of Home experience
  • We surpass traditional product sampling by delivering real time measurability and accountability to reduce product wastage and deliver greater ROI.
  • We deliver meaningful insights and transparency via our inventory management tool and facial recognition software
  • Rather than giving samples away and not getting anything back in return, you’ll have the opportunity to collect data on your consumers.

Event activation

We work directly with clients or alongside their chosen agencies. We love putting forward digital ideas that respond to a client’s brief. Together with our partners, we create exciting, meaningful, relevant and socially connected campaigns that ensure the best ROI.

Our job is to help you nail an ideal campaign that hits your KPIs.

Want to chat through an activation, experiential or event enquiry? Get in touch and say hello!


·       Interactive / Digital Sampling

·       Contactless Sampling (QR, RFID, Web Triggered)

·       Ambassador Staffing

·       Digital Event Solutions (AR, VR, AI, Photobooth)

·       Event Wi-Fi & Networking

·       Digital Signage

·       Digital & Mobile App Development 

The beauty of our booths is we can set them up in the most relevant and high impact locations for your target audience.

Affinity Outdoor - VMO Network Design

Network design

In an ever increasingly fragmented media landscape spurred by the advent of digital media, consumers are spending more time in the moment living and being out and about. It is no surprise that Digital Out of Home, as a medium, has not eroded but grown.

DOOH has unique targeting abilities and is installed in locations meeting the consumers in places they choose to be that are often hard to reach by other media formats.

We have recognised this shift in media consumption and have commenced creating cutting-edge networks using our digital sampling technology to engage with consumers in outdoor environments.

Our booths are not only used for events and activations. We have hand selected special locations across the country that attract highly engage audiences in high dwell, high traffic locations.

We have worked with strategic partner VMO to rollout the very first stage of our network. 50 sampling booths in 50 health club locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We are focused on building this unique Digital Signage network to more retail and health club locations.